Where's Karl?

Karl's new bar - OLD SCHOOL COMING SEPTEMBER 2013 
Final drawings are being submitted to the town and demolition is about to begin! 
Most people know Karl from the Longboat Key Club. He worked there for 16 years as a bartender. Families came from around the world to sit at his bar. One of those families was that of Chuck and Ava Johnson, who happen to be restaurateurs. They've owned Burger Kings, Bonefish Grills, and various bars, just to name a few. Through the years, Chuck and Karl became friends and decided to go into business together. Their goal was to own an 'old school' bar that had the feel of one from college.

In the past year, Chuck and Karl have been searching for the proper location. Recently they found the spot. 1991 Main street, Sarasota, FL. It has everything they're looking for. At 6,000 sq ft with a large kitchen, and access to a patio area, they knew this was the place. They intend to serve gourmet burgers and have live bands from Chuck's bars in Nashville.

This has been a dream of Karl's for a very long time, and while those of us at the club are sad to see him go, we are glad to see him find and realize his dream. We wish him nothing but luck, and we can't wait for OLD SCHOOL to open!

~Jeff, Chris & Griffin McKee
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Future Site of OLD SCHOOL 1991 Main Behind Applebee's and next to Hollywood 20
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